The Dangers of Leaving Diabetes Untreated

The Dangers of Leaving Diabetes Untreated

The Risks of Diabetes Ignored

Diabetes is a condition that comes with devastating health risks. It is an illness that is recognized by having too much blood glucose, or blood sugar, in your blood. Insulin, which is a hormone your pancreas produces, assists with delivering glucose to the cells in your body. Insufficient insulin production as well as insulin that cannot effectively do its job will cause an elevation in blood glucose. When blood glucose is higher than normal, pre-diabetes or diabetes may develop. If diabetes is undiagnosed and treated, the consequences can be devastating. The dangers and side effects of leaving diabetes untreated follow.

Eye Disorders

Diabetes that is not treated can lead to vision loss. It can harm blood vessels in the eyes, and it can cause the development of cataracts. This condition also increases the chance of getting glaucoma. Glaucoma causes vision loss.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can result if diabetes is not treated. The gums as well as the bone underneath may become infected. When this happens, teeth can loosen and fall out. Diabetes can make the mouth dry too. This makes the gums tender, and it causes tooth decay.

Heart Disease

When you have diabetes your risk for heart disease and stroke increases. If you have had a heart attack, your risk for having another one is elevated. Heart attacks experienced by people with diabetes are more critical, and the chance of dying from a heart attack increases. In addition, blood vessels harden and become narrow, causing atherosclerosis.


Nerve disorders manifest with diabetes and cause discomfort and paresthesia in the arms, legs, hands and feet. In some cases intense pain is felt. Damage to the nerves can also result in deterioration of hand or feet muscles, nausea, irregularity, light headedness, and difficulty urinating. Since peripheral neuropathy can cause sores to appear, infection is common and sometimes requires amputation of the infected foot if the infection is not noticed.


Failure to get treatment for diabetes can lead to ketoacidosis, or diabetic coma. This is a serious illness that needs to be treated without delay. Signs of ketoacidosis are breathing problems, upset stomach, and extreme dryness of the mouth.

Notice the warning signs of diabetes and seek help if you think you may have high blood glucose. Exercise and the right diet can help, and medication may be prescribed. Work with your doctor to find out what works for you.


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