Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Tips to Help You Sleep Better

Tips for a Good Nights Sleep

Millions of Americans struggle with poor sleep quality, and the average person only gets six hours of sleep each night. This inevitably results in not only diminished cognitive and physical performance but also health problems. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ensure a good night’s rest.

Sleep Supplements

Many supplements can help to encourage sleep and help you sleep better, such as L-theanine, magnesium and 5-htp. However, many people prefer melatonin, as it offers the greatest effect with the least potential for unwanted side-effects. Melatonin is a hormone made naturally by your body that kick-starts the sleep cycle. That said, it’s widely available in supplement form.

Avoid Late-Night Light Sources

Mountains of research have demonstrated the negative effects of late-night exposure to blue-wave light on sleep. This means that televisions, computer monitors and even your phone not only prevent you from becoming tired as soon but also impact your sleep quality. For this reason, it’s important to unplug your gadgets at least three hours before bed. If you wish to read, consider replacing your white light bulbs with a yellow variety, which does not disrupt the natural sleep cycle. Another thing you might want to try is covering your bedroom windows with thick black plastic or heavy curtains. This keeps out light from street lights, passing cars or the moon, all of which can also disturb your sleep.

Get Comfortable

Unsurprisingly, comfort is an essential part of sleeping well, and there are several ways you can improve your nighttime comfort. First, keep your bedroom as cool as reasonably possible. This helps you breathe easier and prevents sweating that could disturb your sleep. Second, maintain a comfortable bed. Crumpled or dirty sheets, flat pillows or a worn-out mattress will keep you from falling asleep peacefully or staying asleep. Finally, find sleeping positions that are most comfortable for you. For most people, these are on their left side or their back.

Exercise Regularly

The benefits of regular exercise go beyond improved physical health and a reduced risk of chronic illnesses. It’s also a key factor in a restful night’s sleep. Besides burning off excess energy, exercise also mitigates the effects of stress. According to Men’s Health, stress is the biggest cause of sleep problems.

If you’re tired of being tired, try incorporating some of these tips into your nightly routine. You’ll find that you not only sleep better and fall asleep more easily but also feel better in your daily life.


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